Green Resolutions Anyone?

It dawned on me today that since summer ended time seems to be moving in fast forward and the new year is fast approaching. What better time for me to meditate on my New Year’s Resolution!

As cliché as it sounds, the Type A side of me loves to make goals and see them come to fruition. Let’s see, in 2008 I tried to share my true feelings instead of sugar coating. (Some would say I do it really well now!)

After some thought I decided that my resolution for 2009 will be to eat only organic foods, with a focus on locally grown products.

While reflecting on the past year, “organic” and “local” made a big impact on my body as well as my mind. Eating locally produced organic food is beneficial for the environment since the food will travel less distance, rely on less fuel and avoid chemicals to ward off pests in the growing process. It’s good for my community because I will give our hard earned dollars to a local business owner or farmer instead of big food chains. Most importantly, it’s good for my family because it is healthier and 100% connected to our green mission.

Thank heavens for the Green City Market who asked me to write for them when I joined their Localvore Challenge this summer. I learned as much trying to eat and drink locally for two weeks as I did exploring my feelings about supporting local farmers and the impact of pesticides on the declining health of people in the US. It seemed to be a perfect fit and I feel driven to make it a stronger priority on a day to day basis.

Everything in moderation you say? Normally I would agree. However, after removing dairy and processed foods from my diet, the occasional indulgence only reinforces the reasons I gave it up in the first place: I honestly feel better without it.

So what will be the biggest obstacle in 2009?

Everyone knows how it feels to be running out the door in the morning, hungry and late. And you probably know what happens next. In our case we pop by the local Starbucks to pick up coffee for me, and drinks and bagels for the kids. None of which is locally produced, and in many cases not even fair trade and definitely not organic. Over the past couple months, I have been struggling with the fact that this type of behavior, while meeting our short term needs, falls very short of our long term goals.

Thus, to make my 2009 New Year’s resolution a reality, I need to say goodbye to my old friend. (Too bad Intelligentsia is so far away!)

What are your green New Year’s Resolutions?

An original 5 Minutes for Going Green post. Jen shares her story going green and raising a family as The Eco Chic Organizer.

One Response to Green Resolutions Anyone?
  1. Gina
    November 25, 2008 | 3:27 pm

    This is a GREAT resolution. While I cannot commit to going 100%…I am definitely heading in the same direction. First step? My sister is buying me HALF a cow of locally-raised organic beef. LOL! She is giddy about the gift…as she knows this kind of stuff is sooooo important to me.