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Importance and Benefit of Tree Surveys

An integral part of our flora and fauna, trees are an element in nature that is important for us to understand well. The best way to understand the trees that surround us is to hire professionals to come and conduct a tree survey. In this article we not only explore the reasons behind the
importance of tree surveys, but also the tangible benefits of them.

So why conduct a tree survey? If you’re in town planning or property development, looking for a mortgage approval, concerned with health and safety issues, or even environmental issues, tree surveys are a must.


Those looking to buy property may not think initially to conduct a survey, but the truth is that anyone who doesn’t may soon wish they had.

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Welcome to 5 Minutes for Going Green #UBP13

Ultimate Blog Party 2013Welcome to 5 Minutes for Going Green!

5 Minutes for Going Green is as a Sister Site of 5 Minutes for Mom that started back in July 2008. Over the years we’ve had several great editors and writers contribute here at 5 Minutes for Going Green.

But with all our busy schedules, we’ve unfortunately neglected this site.

That is going to change. We’re going to kick Going Green back into action and we want you to join us.

If you would like to get involved either by writing a single guest post, becoming a regular contributor or even taking on the role of managing editor, please contact us.

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