Importance and Benefit of Tree Surveys

An integral part of our flora and fauna, trees are an element in nature that is important for us to understand well. The best way to understand the trees that surround us is to hire professionals to come and conduct a tree survey. In this article we not only explore the reasons behind the
importance of tree surveys, but also the tangible benefits of them.

So why conduct a tree survey? If you’re in town planning or property development, looking for a mortgage approval, concerned with health and safety issues, or even environmental issues, tree surveys are a must.


Those looking to buy property may not think initially to conduct a survey, but the truth is that anyone who doesn’t may soon wish they had. Tree surveys examine many factors relating to the trees located on and around a property, such as location, size, age and extent of the roots. They
also reveal the presence of habitats for endangered species like bats. This information is absolutely crucial when working out the true value of a property, and more importantly, when examining the potential for subsidence in the future. A simple tree survey costing a few hundred pounds can save tens of thousands in the long term.

In modern society, health and safety considerations have become an inseparable element of every business. When developing land for business purposes, or when there are trees present on land where people are working, it’s vital that one knows the potential health and safety risks posed by surrounding trees. For instance, knowing the age of a tree might indicate how high the risk of large branches falling, or even total collapse. In addition, knowing what wildlife might be present will also reveal potential health and safety risks. A single tree survey now can prevent a lengthy and costly lawsuit later on and companies like Arbtech operate all over the country to provide an efficient service to developers looking for a professional survey fast.

From an environmental perspective, the community at large can benefit from knowing more about the trees around them. Tree surveys will allow us to understand how best to conserve trees, and protect any wildlife dwelling within them. Also, if we understand what impact and importance the trees have on our ecosystem, then we can better understand how to enhance that ecosystem.

Looking at these factors, we can quite easily see the importance and benefits of tree surveys. While seeming a highly unlikely requirement, we can see that all levels of society really can benefit. For more information on the planning application process or to organise a tree survey in your area, visit Arbtech by clicking here where more information can be found.

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