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Why I Drink Tap Water

\"H20\" by Diana Prichard

There was a time when I wouldn’t dream of drinking tap water. I’m not even really sure why that was anymore, but I think it had to do with my perception that it was somehow less than. Bottled water just seemed more appealing to me. However, over the past 12-18 months my perception on water has changed significantly.

What caused the change? I became concerned about some of the chemicals that are found in plastic water bottles when the Canadian government decided to prohibit the use of bisphenol A in baby bottles due to possible health concerns. I am not a baby, but at the time that these announcements were happening I was pregnant and then breastfeeding.

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Dreaming of a Green Vacation

Those who read my site Pitstops for Kids know I’m a big fan of family travel, and when planning a trip and choosing accommodations, I do look at the environmental impact of my choices. We do a lot of backpacking and camping, yurt camping in the off-season, and stay relatively local to explore our own area more often than not. That said, there are certainly times when I catch a glimpse of pristine, tropical waters on a website or brochure and yearn for a stay at a luxury resort somewhere with palm trees and balmy weather. This year, I’m looking forward to staying home for the holidays, but that doesn’t stop me from adding to my dream list of family vacation destinations.

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My own time… a “time in”

leaves 001

The air is crisp, and there are (almost) daily visits of “Jack” frost. The trees are just about completely barren and in town there’s the buzz of holiday excitement. This past weekend we had our first local indoor Winter Farmer’s Market. All the signs indicate the holidays are around the corner!

The end of this week marks the beginning of the Christmas “consumer” season, the holiday parties, cookie baking, travel, decorating…. and the to-do list gets longer and longer. So, here I am to offer a gentle reminder on the importance of simplicity… even in December!

I recently started re-reading Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv and am deeply moved by the words of a fifth grader interview for the book.

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Package Sizing and Sustainability

My grocery buying habits have shifted over the years. Once upon a time (in a long forgotten age) I was a single university student living alone. Most of the food I bought came in small packages. In the first place, there just wasn’t much cupboard space in my tiny apartment. In the second place, there was no way I could get through the economy sized tub of mayonnaise before it spoiled. But then I got married and had one baby, and another. And suddenly we were going through food at an alarming rate. These days I do opt for the economy sized mayonnaise , because we will eat it and it’s, you know, economical.

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Make Christmas Meaningful

Just walk in to any big box store and you will see what Christmas has become. It’s all about shopping and rushing around. People are stressed and end up in debt. Christmas used to be about family and memories and now it’s just about stuff.

Why not work to change that with your family this year? Instead of so much stuff do fun activities together. Even better give back to those in need. Bake cookies for your neighbors, volunteer at a soup kitchen, sponsor a family for Christmas, there are endless ideas.

For the gifts you give why not give the gift of your time?

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