Make Christmas Meaningful

Just walk in to any big box store and you will see what Christmas has become. It’s all about shopping and rushing around. People are stressed and end up in debt. Christmas used to be about family and memories and now it’s just about stuff.

Why not work to change that with your family this year? Instead of so much stuff do fun activities together. Even better give back to those in need. Bake cookies for your neighbors, volunteer at a soup kitchen, sponsor a family for Christmas, there are endless ideas.

For the gifts you give why not give the gift of your time? Make homemade gifts, do something together, remember it’s the thought and meaning behind the gift, not the gift. Many Christmas gifts are returned or trashed each year so don’t just buy another useless gift.

The things I look forward to each year are the traditions. Going to look at Christmas lights with my husband, watching It’s A Wonderful Life with my family, getting up early Christmas morning to go to my parents to eat breakfast and open gifts, Christmas dinner with my in-laws, and all the great memories that come with it.

Here is a great video to remind us what is important.

So what are your family’s traditions? Do you plan to make new ones this year?

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One Response to Make Christmas Meaningful
  1. Noelle Corbin
    December 16, 2009 | 3:05 pm

    I have 2 small children and it’s always a struggle to keep the number of landfill bound plastic toys low. We’ve started asking trusted relatives to give ‘doing’ presents – a promise of an outing to museum, park, etc. – instead of toys. For presents, we’re trying to find more sustainable gifts (ice skates from a consignment shop, for example). I did buy my son a plastic Bumblebee transformer – it’s all he’s been asking for. But I’m trying to limit it to 1 plastic toy each.