Recycled Note Of The Week: Anna Ruby King

This week’s Recycled Note Of The Week comes from Anna Ruby King’s Etsy shop.

Smaller than your average note, these Coldgull Note Cards are comprised entirely of offcuts of other cards, and are 100% recycled.

Use them as thoughtful notes in school lunchboxes, as non-traditional flashcards, thank-you notes, or, as the seller suggests, “They are perfect…just to say ‘Good morning honey, can you please take out the rubbish with you when you go to work.'”

She also has these adorable handmade gift cards in a larger size, featuring re-purposed fabric and hand drawn details:

The cards themselves are 75 and 100% recycled, made primarily of post-consumer recycled content. The corresponding envelopes are also 100% recycled.

Recycled form meets recycled function!

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