Taking The Next Step

After my son’s first surgery in January, I stepped back and took a good long look at all facets of my life, which resulted in an epiphany of sorts. Days later I quit my job and started my own eco-friendly business to devote more time to my kids.

Once I walked away from the rat race my creativity soared and I started to invest more time researching how to be more environmentally conscious. I took the next step. And then another, and another, until I was making as many improvements in our daily lives as I was to our home. It’s contagious, you know, cleaning up.

Each step makes me feel lighter and more free than I have ever been, while also bringing a weird sort of clarity. With my vision sharp and focused I made the decision to detox my lifestyle, which meant giving up dairy and reducing caffeine and sugar in my diet. Next, I began to ease off prescription medication (all with the green light of both my doctors and my healers). The improvement in my life is amazing. I breathe easier, sleep better, and wake refreshed for the first time in years.

As the holidays approach, I extend my gratitude for my family’s health, prosperity, and opportunity. Ever since embarking on this green adventure, every facet of our lives has become more meaningful. I hope since beginning your own green journey, that yours has, too.

An Original 5 Minutes for Going Green post. Jen shares her journey going green and raising a family at The Eco Chic Organizer.

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