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Keeping Your Cool When it’s HOT, the Green Way

1032896_sun.jpgSummer is upon us and as the temperatures rise, so does our need to stay cool. Is it possible to beat the heat without (gasp) air conditioning? As someone who has been living in an A/C-free house for most of her life, I can tell you that it’s not always easy or pleasant, but I have picked up many techniques along the way to keep myself and my family as cool and comfortable as possible. Going without air conditioning might take a little getting used to and some creativity, but with my tips below, you will soon be on the path to living a cooler, greener summer.

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Buy Green, Save Green

When it comes to going green we all want to save our green and not lose it! It can seem as though organic food is more expensive, and frequently people use the excuse of not buying organic food because it costs more. There are simple ways to go green in this department without breaking the bank! Recently, MSN Health even reported how to eat organic on a $7 a day budget, so it can be done! Here are some simple pointers that won’t take too long and can save you money and help you buy organic.

♦Choose to buy organic on some items like milk, cheese or meat.

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Link to Us

For all of you who’ve been patiently waiting for us to fix our button code, we are finally all set and ready to go. Go to our Link To Us page now, and grab a badge for your blog or website.

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Around the Greenosphere: Weekly Link Roundup

Every Sunday we will post links to interesting articles that made us drool, made us laugh, or made us think. If you come across anything you’d like to see featured in this spot, send an email to [email protected]

Around the greenosphere this week:

1. Treehugger tells us about pedal-powered business popping up in Portland.

2. Haute*Nature postes these fabulous lights made from recycled vintage tea cups.

3. Alternative Consumer talks about eco-friendly hotels for your summer travel.

4. Wish you could boil water faster? Eco Geek show us it might be possible.

5. Summer=bug bites, and Nonchalant Mom has a really smart natural remedy to stop the itching.

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My husband Andy has a wonderful saying when people ask us about our journey towards a green lifestyle in Chicago. He says ” We are olive. Not quite green but getting there.” It feels like there is so much to learn and frankly, so much to unlearn that it can be overwhelming. It isn’t about where I am in the process, but that I am in the process of making changes both big and small. I find my biggest lessons come from the messages I share with my kids. “Focus on the effort you give something not the end result” I suggest to them.

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Homemade Bread: Your First Step to Sustainability!

I think one of the best things in the world is homemade bread. I love making it. Baking it. Smelling it. Tasting it fresh out of the oven! Here on our little homestead, homemade bread has become a staple. Baking your own bread is one of the best places to start on a “going-green” journey. In baking your own bread, you are not only guaranteed that the ingredients are wholesome, but when healthy bread at the store costs nearly $5.00 a loaf, baking your own makes good economic sense. It’s also another way not to have to rely on the grocery store so much.

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Save the Green: 5 Steps to Save Gas

With gas prices at record highs and only expected to go up, we all need some reminders on how to save money on gas. Not everyone can afford to switch to a hybrid, nor want to, but there are some simple ways to increase the MPG on your current vehicle. It takes a few changes in driving habits, but once you start, they’ll become second nature and you’ll be saving money before you know it!
Many of these tips you’ve probably already heard before, but they bear repeating. I’ve picked what I think are the easiest ones to do. Furthermore, they are the ones with the biggest bang for your buck.

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We Have Arrived

We have been working hard. So very hard, and there have been people not sleeping and versions and revisions flying madly back and forth, but now we can finally share this secret with you. This very green, very special and very important secret. Our new baby, 5 Minutes for Going Green has arrived!

It all started when 5 Minutes for Mom co-founders Janice and Susan had a vision for the future. That vision included expanding their highly successful blog to add sister sites for specific topics that moms (and others!) are interested in, searching for. Thirsting for. Today marks the day that 4 such sites (with more to come) are launching simultaneously.

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Water Wise

What could be more summery than a quick dip in the pool and a giant glass of iced tea? A brisk scrub-a-dub-tub to get the popsicle goo off your legs? All of these things are so refreshing, and so dependent on our unbelievably reliable stream of fresh, clean water. We’re lucky in the US; more than a billion people worldwide don’t have access to fresh, clean drinking water. (To help out people worldwide, check out Lifestraw and donate to provide a family with an incredibly simple device that can help them filter their children’s water). How can we ensure that our kids remain so fortunate?

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Do It Yourself Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is all the rage these days, and for good reason–it doesn’t endanger you or the environment. However, it may seem daunting to make the switch when you already have a cabinet full of commercial cleaning products, and you don’t want to spend the money for special pricey green cleaners. The good news is you don’t need to buy special green cleaners. You can get rid of the harsh chemicals and fumes, and get started on green cleaning by making your own cleaning products. It’s easy! In fact, you probably already have most of the ingredients you will need to make your own natural cleaners.

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