Recycling Electronics The Safe Way

This past week my husband and I finally broke down and bought another computer. It has been almost five years since our last computer purchase. In computer years that translates to one hundred people years. The purchase of a new computer led me to wonder how to dispose of the old one.

Computers and other electronics contain some of the most toxic materials of any other product group. Technology items such as cell phones, gaming systems, and computers contain lead, mercury, plastics harmful to the air, and many other chemicals that can cause serious damage to the environment. Because of these contaminants, disposing of electronic items can be extremely difficult.

So my question was: What are some environmentally friendly ways that we can use to get rid of our old electronics?

In one of my older posts, I examined the possibility that recycling electronics can actually be harmful to the environment. This is still the case for recycling centers that do not have the facilities to safely recycle electronic equipment. However, there are many recycling centers that offer a clean and environmentally safe way for recycling electronic items. These recycling centers use specialized processes to break down the equipment back into usable resources. These centers also have heavy duty air filtration systems to keep the outside air free of contaminants and toxins.

One of the most famous and environmentally friendly electronic recycling centers is Creative Recycling Systems, located in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina. Many businesses all over the United States have partnered with CRS to eliminate their toxic electronic waste.

However, this recycling center is used only for business waste. That still leaves the average consumer out in the proverbial cold. Never fear though, there is still help for us. When I was looking for a way to safely ditch my old computer systems I ran across the site This site outlines all of the recyclable materials including electronic waste products.

Not only does the site outline what can be recycled, but it also has a tool that can find electronic and other recycling centers in your local area. This is an invaluable tool for green conscious families and individuals. It takes about two minutes to find recycling centers and programs for any product imaginable.

When I put in my zip code, eight or ten different recycling centers and programs showed up. I had no idea there were so many electronic recycling programs right in my backyard. I highly recommend this site to anyone who wishes to provide a greener earth through recycling.

As an added bonus, you will no longer have all those useless machines sitting around cluttering up your home!

Brenda Priddy is a wife, mother, and freelance writer. She resides in north Texas with her husband, Josh, and their 4 year old daughter. She blogs at Daily Mayo.

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  1. Natural Choice Directory
    January 13, 2011 | 8:20 pm

    Thanks for this post. Many people still don’t realize how hazardous lots of “trash” can be. Hopefully there will soon be more recycling and waste reduction services for electronics so we can keep toxic waste out of the landfill.