Swaddle Those Bums!

Cloth diapering is one of my favorite ways to be green. For as many fears as people have about getting started with cloth, it is honestly much easier than you think it is. I always tell everyone that even my husband is a huge fan of them. (Seriously, isn’t it always the guys who are the most squeamish?!)

Well, for those of you who are ready to get going, or have a few and want to stock up on a few more, my favorite site has a huge clearance sale going on right now! Swaddlebees puts items in their clearance store a few times a year and I almost always grab up a good pile. I even noticed that they have feminine pads available this time around.

Some of the items are listed as being irregular, and while at first I was hesitant, I have never had the slightest problem with a single product. These are great prices, people, so snatch them up as soon as you can because they go fast!

This post was initiated by me only and I am not getting anything in compensation. However, if Swaddlebees or Blueberry¬†would like to send me some free diapers, I am always up for that…

An original¬†5 Minutes for Going Green post. Anne lives, works and cloth diapers her three month old son in West Michigan. Her blog A Little Bit Crazy is 2 parts “mommy” and 1 part everything else under the sun.

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