Acupuncture for Seasonal Allergies

Autumn brings the best and the worst in the same season. Long before the official beginning of fall, I am ready for the sweaters and the jeans. Reborn with the crisp morning air as I wake up, I long to snuggle into my warm comfy sheets at night. By far I am more peaceful (than usual) this time of year.

However, as the cooler temps bring me pleasure, they also bring me pain. I have seasonal allergies that irritate my sinuses when the leaves start to die and the mold count climbs. In the past, I have relied on prescription nasal decongestants to get me through. But as I green and clean my lifestyle, I am disenchanted with the idea of passing drugs that have many unwanted side effects through my system.

Eliminating allergy medication is reinforced by what I read about Ayurvedic healing that have encouraged me to make significant changes in my life. My personality, body type and internal makeup is described as a vata dosha. In lay terms the vata dosha is constant motion, restlessness, prone to dryness, fraile structure and rigidity. The goal of understanding your dosha is to learn how best to balance your body, mind and spirit and heal your ailments using natural remedies.

Inspired by my positive past experiences with acupuncture and my painful sinus infections while on my sinus medicine, I booked my appointment right away. I chose a spa I had been reading about known for their cutting edge green practices and well trained staff. When I arrived at Allyu Spa, I knew that this would be a make it or break it moment for me. I wanted to get off prescription drugs and I needed that glimmer of hope to show me I wasn’t crazy.

Thankfully my acupuncture session with Lisa was both educational and rehabilitating. Not only did I get solid facts about how to transition away from medication to achieve my goal, I could even smell when I left! Talk about your immediate benefits! I thought the healing would take much longer.

Having said that I know there is a long road ahead that involves giving up dairy, eliminating sugar and cutting back on caffeine in order to balance the doshas. (Goodbye latte addiction!) And I will be going to Allyu weekly for a while to unblock the qi or vital flow of energy.

Now armed with a new neti pot and some clear breathing for the first time in ages, I am ready to take the first steps towards detoxing. When I reach for that latte tomorrow I will think of the depth of stillness and full breath I achieved through acupuncture and the sustaining calm I enjoyed for hours thereafter. I think I have a new addiction!

An original 5 Minutes for Going Green post. Jen shares her journey going green and raising a family as The EcoChic Organizer.

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