Eco Friendly Bedrooms For The Newlyweds

Eco friendly bedrooms for the newly weds

After the euphoria of the wedding and the honeymoon, comes the time for the young couple to settle into routine life. They may be moving into a new flat or house and will naturally have much to do when it comes to the interior decor. Two different individuals with different tastes in style will have to merge their preferences into one acceptable choice. This is where eco-friendly products can come into their bedroom as a neutral choice to start with. Recycled and sustainable material is all the rage now for any bedroom and the young couple can cash in on this. This is not so much as for a particular trend but bedroom products, made of natural material, are clearly more healthy and reusable. There are many ways in which newlyweds can have a green bedroom by choosing the right fabrics and styles.

Go in for organic fabrics and products

Bamboo is one of the most durable, soft and light fabrics being in used these days for bed linen and bath towels. The bed linen range offers a wide variety of colors and they are easy to maintain. What is more, they are good absorbent material and are comfortable to sleep in, as they are natural fibers with no chemical additives. You can go in for mattresses, mattress pad, pillows and comforters made of organic material which will add to the new decor. These products are lightweight, breathable and do not have any toxic chemical substances, assuring a good night’s rest for the newlyweds.

Use complementary accessories

Lighten up your bedroom with curtains and other accessories such as picture frame, flower vases or pots in organic material. They need not be terribly expensive as you can use re-purported its use in a creative way. This means that you use old things which you need not throw away by using them in another way. Try to keep your bedroom free of electronics as these things have a way of cluttering the room’s appearance.

For nightwear and bath towels

You can coordinate your bath towels in organic fabrics to mimic the bed covers and linen. Use bedroom slippers made of the same fabrics as they are more comfortable. As far as nightwear is concerned, it is tempting to go in for the synthetic variety for their various styles. However, nightwear for both newlyweds is now available in a wide range, made out of organic material.


Furniture for the bedroom

The furniture plays a big role in the setting of the room, so it is best to choose furniture which will not only be durable but eco-friendly as well. You could go in for cane bed or invest in vintage beds instead of having to minus another tree from nature. Why not have some of your old furniture pieces repainted for a new and refreshing look.

Choosing the organic material, for your new bedroom, is not only fun but can go a long way towards a healthy living. You will also be bonding with your spouse as you bring two ideas together for a creative bedroom. More than that, you will be contributing towards the real essence of green living.

About the author: Alia Haley is a blogger who is passionate about eco friendly lifestyle. Her home is quite eco friendly right from exteriors to interiors, including appliances and furniture. Beside this she frequently writes on Silver Bridesmaid Dresses. These days she is busy in writing an article on Coffee shops.


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  1. Deirdre @ Ladies holiday
    February 15, 2012 | 3:23 pm

    Newly weds or…happily married the bedroom is such an important place and the energy of natural/organic items goes a long way in helping to shape our energy when in there. Thanks for the great post!