Green Beginnings with Sustainable Wood

Guest contributor Joanna joins us this week to talk about the option of sustainable wood for baby furniture. Beauty and earth-friendly all in one.

Babies need furniture!

If you’re looking for alternative materials for baby furniture other than plastic, then wood can be an appealing option. However, when you’re purchasing wood furniture it’s best to look for sustainable wood to avoid deforestation for furniture production. Try your best to stay away from slow growing trees such as oak, redwood, beech and Colorado spruce. Look for medium growth rate trees such as red oak, birch and red-bud. Most importantly, they should be purchased from sustainable resources.

What is sustainable wood?

Sustainable wood is an effort by the forest industry to keep a balance between the commercial demand of wood along with preserving the health and diversity of the forest. This means that sustainable wood would cost more than the average product as it absorbs more cost to keep this balance. Although with the higher cost, you will see the companies that chooses this type of wood generally would make more efforts to create a higher quality product. Here are two baby furniture companies that exhibit this quality.

Two companies with sustainable wood baby furniture

The Cariboo bassinet is made from sustainable New Zealand Radiata wood, and the stain is lead free. It’s considered an eco friendly product as all materials are non-toxic and PBDE free. The natural look of the bassinet is perfect to match with existing adult bedroom furniture. And with the simplicity of the look, it can blend in any room of your home without sacrificing the existing look of your home.

It’s not often that a company dedicates their wood supply forested from 1.7 million new trees specifically planted for harvest in the wood and paper industry. And that’s exactly what Bratt Decor’s has committed to the environment. Since it’s such a luxurious product, they have also incorporated engineered wood in their baby furniture line. Best of all, it’s a sturdy piece of furniture that can be passed to family after family lasting for years to come.

Selecting sustainable wood furniture for your baby is like giving them a head start in leaving behind a greener world with their consumption. Furniture such as armoires and convertible cribs will also be a good choice in selecting sustainable wood as they will last your child into their teenage years. Even non-convertible furniture such as bassinets are also a good choice as they can be passed to another family that would appreciate a green product.

Written by guest contributor Joanna, a freelance writer that dotes on family values and environmental issues.

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