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Around The Greenosphere: Weekly Link Roundup

So much interesting content to choose from today, especially in this week of emotional days and angry weather. Here are some posts that caught our eye:

The Simply Green channel at Sparkplugging is talking about the possibility of doing laundry without water. Be still my heart…

Green Mom Finds told us about a green socializing site where we can all go find people as crazy as we are.

I wrote about a way to help you clean up your indoor air over at Mama Speaks.

Green Me alerts us to the issue of flame retardants in pj’s.

And this one isn’t from this past week, but it’s important and awesome and should be read by all.

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Around The Greenosphere: Weekly Link Roundup

We love finding fabulous links from around the web for you each week, and this week they are all from the personal blogs of our awesome Green Team here at 5M4GG. Enjoy!

Sommer from Nature Moms is sharing about her success with homeschooling, and making me realize how fun it could be.

Jennifer from The Smart Mama spreads the word about the potential for chemical burns from tagless labels.

Green Mamma, Jessica, started a great series on trash that continues our quest for reducing waste and safely getting rid of the rest.

Sommer from Green & Clean Mom gives us tips on green camping (I adore fall camping!) and there’s even a giveaway!

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Around The Greenosphere: Weekly Link Roundup

Happy Labor Day weekend to you all from the green team here at 5 Minutes for Going Green! Here are some interesting reads for your long weekend:

-Geek Dad creates an incredible Styrobot, all from styrofoam he collected over the past several years. Check out the awesomeness.

-Last week, our own Crunchy Chicken had some exciting updates on the distribution of pads for her very important and very successful Goods 4 Girls organization. Go read about what happened in Sudan, Kenya, and Uganda.

-Another one of our rock stars, Mama Bird, pointed out the lack of environmental awareness among the American Dental Association.

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Around the Greenosphere: Weekly Link Roundup

More inspiration for the weekend:

-An inspiration post about biking from One Green Generation (with amazing photos).

-Run DMT is talking about why organic produce really IS better.

-What gets us buying the latest and greatest? No Impact Man reminds us that the zero sum game (i.e., I get everything, you have nothing) is how we are persuaded into unhappiness.

-Burban Mom encourages us to go green with our deodorant, and I second her 9 months on/3 months off plan!

-In her journey to eating locally, Simple-Green-Frugal tells us how you can eat out and still be green.

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Around the Greenosphere: Weekly Link Roundup

These great reads made their way into our minds and we couldn’t keep them to ourselves:

Talking about the latest in toy safety at Grist.

Getting a fresh perspective on reducing, reusing and recycling at Recycle Your Day.

Reading about new ideas on greening your family reunion at Green Baby Guide.

Speaking up about greening up your lady business at Crunchy Domestic Goddess.

Learning about more great ideas about canning your food, from our newest contributor–Chez Artz.

Which links rang your bell this week?

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Around the Greenosphere: Weekly Link Roundup

So many juicy pieces of green to sink your teeth into this week. Here’s a sampling:

–Our own Crunchy Domestic Goddess gave us the dish on throwing an eco-friendly party (and there’s a giveaway, too!)

–Eco Child’s Play told us a story about getting rid of lice naturally (I’m still itching since reading this one).

–I reviewed Kiwi Magazine and Preserve toothbrushes over at Mama Speaks (a rockin’ review blog). One of them keeps your green cravings happy, the other cleans up afterwards.

–Our lovely Crunchy Chicken found herself linked up on The Huffington Post (and coincidently I’m watching Arianna Huffington on “Supper Club with Tom Bergeron” on Planet Green right now, but I digress…), in an article about eco-friendly dining out.

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Around the Greenosphere: Weekly Link Roundup

Every Sunday we will post links to interesting articles that made us drool, made us laugh, or made us think. If you come across anything you’d like to see featured in this spot, send an email to [email protected]

Around the greenosphere this week:

1. Treehugger tells us about pedal-powered business popping up in Portland.

2. Haute*Nature postes these fabulous lights made from recycled vintage tea cups.

3. Alternative Consumer talks about eco-friendly hotels for your summer travel.

4. Wish you could boil water faster? Eco Geek show us it might be possible.

5. Summer=bug bites, and Nonchalant Mom has a really smart natural remedy to stop the itching.

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