Can I just say that I think it is both harder and easier to be green in the summer?!

I can hang my clothes outside on the line to dry, but I am taking more showers due to being outside and sticky/dirty. Also? My hair is not nearly as fabulous post-baby and needs more washes. Boo.

I can keep more lights off inside since the sun shines brighter for longer, but I have all the fans going to try to circulate as much cool air as possible.

I can keep the doors and windows closed on the hottest days to keep the hot out and the cool in, but I’ll be darned if I’m turning off the AC!

My baby is cloth diapered, but we are going through batteries like crazy since he only sleeps in the swing during the day.


Real food this time of year. Fresh, straight-from-the-ground greens and berries to be consumed with two hands. My backyard garden admittedly got planted late due to new babies but it is growing with the bright sun and drenching rains. The blackberry bushes should have been trimmed back months ago, but my inability to control them has led to an overabundance of berries which will in turn lead to blackberry pies and jams.


We have already gone strawberry picking and my jam is nigh unto boiling as I type. This week I found a super-simple recipe for bread that I can mix up without needing a bread machine or big fancy mixer. Finally, an easy way for me to make my own bread! Fresh strawberry jam on home made bread? Yes please!

Cherries are ready and I am planning on heading out to my CSA this week to pick a basket of snow peas and sugar-snaps.

I am feeling motivated to make my own clothes and gifts during nap-times when the house is quiet. I’m thinking about making a summer bunting to hang for our frequent bbqs.

We’re getting our bikes tuned up shortly and will be biking to the grocery store, the beach, the park and our new favorite breakfast joint.

Summer is a both/and type of season for me. I can be greener on many fronts, but also succumb to less-green activities as well. Mostly my AC need. My bedroom is on the third floor, people! Cut me a break?

What green habits do you pick up in the summer? Where have you fallen behind?

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An original 5 Minutes for Going Green post. Anne lives, works and grows her garden in Western Michigan. For the past five years, she has been working as the children’s music director for a local church and loves to sing, dance and teach kids how to worship God through music. What’s better than praising God while getting a workout each week? Sewing is both her hobby and a handy way to give green gifts to her friends. She’s been trying to cook more healthfully for herself and her family and loves finding new ways every day to live a greener, more economical lifestyle. Her blog A Little Bit Crazy is 2 parts “mommy” and 1 part everything else under the sun.

4 Responses to Both/And
  1. Amber
    July 6, 2010 | 12:58 pm

    I garden and eat local in the summer: GOOD
    I turn off my heat and we don’t have A/C in the cool Pacific Northwest: GOOD
    I hang clothes to dry: GOOD

    I drive a lot more in the summer: NOT GOOD
    We use a lot of water not only on our garden, but for play: NOT GOOD
    We use the gas BBQ and gas-powered lawnmower: NOT GOOD

    So many trade-offs. Happy Summer!

  2. Anne (A Little Bit Crazy)
    July 6, 2010 | 2:36 pm

    We’ve been thinking about buying a man-powered lawnmower recently. Our lawn is super small and the mower we have seems to leak gas as well. Bad waste!

  3. Monica
    July 30, 2010 | 6:36 am

    I too hang out the laundry, keep the AC on 78 degrees (still cooler than the 98 outside), try to limit my trips to town, I cook on the grill (yes it is gas…) whenever possible so that I don’t heat up the house, I makde my own laundry soap, we swim alot in the pool (reducing the “complet” shower need), and we eat all that wonderful home grown food. We live on a small farm so it would probably KILL us to use a man powered lawnmower. We have well over an acre of lawn to mow!

  4. Monica
    July 30, 2010 | 6:39 am

    I remembered a couple of things…we don’t run the dishwasher (we all take turns washing dishes), we all gather in one room in the evenings to read instead of keeping lights buring in 4 different rooms, the television is seldom on, and we bought a new washing machine that is way more efficient than the 14 year old machine that we had.