Do You Need a Reason to Go Barefoot?

going barefoot

Soles4Souls announced that National Barefoot Week is stomping ground again next month, June 1-7, 2010. I have been a fan of Soles4Souls and their efforts for a few years now. Disasters don’t stop happening and people always need help even if it is just receiving a pair of shoes to wear on their feet.

A little closer to home in Nashville where Soles4Souls is based, they have already started responding to the needs of their immediate community by providing shoes and other items of necessity to help people who are still trying to recover from the storms they were hit with earlier this month. Would you expect anything different from the Volunteer State? I’m almost proud enough to call myself a “Tennessean,” but am not quite ready to relinquish my California ties.

During the “shoe less week,” people will be celebrating in scheduled events throughout the states and Soles4Souls will not only be collecting thousands of shoes, but will also be distributing shoes to people in need. In the past five years, they have already given away millions of shoes.

One event, “Barefoot Wednesday,” really brings the message home where they ask for the media to go barefoot for four consecutive hours and to report on their experiences. Although, this isn’t much of a challenge for my children who were born to run barefoot and free, I know it would be quite a challenge for me. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to not own a pair of shoes and it just makes me better appreciate the fact that I have shoes and the protection they provide.

One of the reasons I support Soles4Souls so much is because they are concerned about people globally, but they don’t forget about the people right here at home domestically who also need help.

If you want to get involved, then there are more opportunities than ever this year. There is still time to get your neighborhood, school or homeschool group, Girl Scouts troop who receive patches for their efforts, church or synagogue, etc. together to participate. You don’t have to be part of a group to give because there are also several drop-off locations for individuals to take their loot. This is also a great opportunity to promote eco-friendly awareness. The shoes you donate will be given a second chance at life rather than getting tossed into the garbage and later ending up in a landfill.

Walk around your house, call or E-mail your family, your friends, anyone you can think of – all of you collect your unused shoes and make a donation. Their new owners will appreciate it more then you’ll ever know.

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Jennifer is a green and natural, vegetarian cooking, book reading, homeschool teaching mother of three living in small town USA. You can visit her at Milk & Honey Mommy where she writes about it all and also enjoy great recipes for delicious vegetarian food that will make your mouth water.

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