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Hemp and raffia clothing? A shirt made from recycled plastic bottles? Could such a product look like anything other than a potato sack? I was dubious…until I found LiViTY Outernational, an apparel company who is, in their words, ‘110% for the planet’.
I recently had the opportunity to try several of their products, including the Queen V-Neck in moss and the argyle sock in gray.* And trust me, the tee looked nothing like a potato sack! It’s fitted and flattering and very soft. The socks are made of a blend of hemp, organic cotton, and Lycra, and I’m definitely a fan!


LiViTY's V-neck...cute, right?!

Are LiViTY’s products more expensive than the apparel at your local Target? Sure. Is it realistic to plan to buy my entire family’s wardrobe from them? No, not for me, unfortunately. But do I occasionally splurge on high end clothing or designer brands? Yes. And are LiViTY’s products any more costly than those? Not at all. In fact, LiViTY’s tees are less than most in my local mall. And in my opinion, LiViTY’s value more than matches what they offer.

Because LiViTY is not just about clothes. It’s about activism, and it’s about artistry. It’s about bettering our communities and our global reach by more than just what we wear, and I really like that. When he founded the company in 2001, owner Isaac Nichelson wanted to “change the way the world looks at design, update the way we produce things and overhaul the way corporations do business.” LiViTY Activists continue to be the foundation of the company, whether they be artists, designers, or simply someone willing to pick up trash along a public beach. I like the way they do business (always using recycled, organic, and renewable materials and always practicing fair-trade), and next time I am able to treat myself or my family to high end apparel, I will come to LiViTY first. I encourage you to check out what they have to offer as well!

How about you? How much thought do you place on what you wear, and how your consumer choices in apparel effect the environment? Would you try a company such at LiViTY?

*I received these products complimentarily, for the purpose of review. This compensation came with no expectations or agreements for a positive review.


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