Creative “Green” Date Nights

A Candy Kiss Goodbye by James Spicer on Etsy, Fine Art Print

My husband and I are always busy with work, kids, our personal time, and sometimes it’s hard for us to make time for our relationship. But it’s always so rewarding when we do.

Since we don’t always have the money to go out for dinner or a movie, I like thinking of creative ways for us to share time together or with other adults in a playful and romantic way.

Last month I was dreaming up the perfect date night and come up with these fun ways to spend time together.

1) Have a potluck. Instead of heading to the restaurant, invite friends over for a candle light dinner; plan for a house large enough to accommodate kids with a movie and special dinner while the parents (adults) have a special night of conversation and cocktails.

2) Go for a walk. Watching the sunset, snuggled under a blanket at the beach or on a mountain top or in a field of long grass is so romantic. Bring a picnic basket of your favorite finger foods, leave discussion of bills, and school, kids, or cars problems at home, and spend the evening basking in the last rays of the sun and the warmth of your honeys arms.

3) Partner Yoga Find a class or get a DVD and roll out the yoga mats in the living room (maybe by candle light). Learn a new way of relating to your loved one by moving together through yoga poses to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and bring you closer. (Other stuff can come later- that’s out of my comfort zone folks- I am talking YOGA here.)

How do you spend date night?

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Photo Credit – At top, ‘A Candy Kiss Goodbye’ by James Spicer on Etsy.

One Response to Creative “Green” Date Nights
  1. zee
    March 3, 2010 | 3:37 am

    I love your ideas! My favorite is taking a walk. This was one of our suggestions in our Valentine’s day post, but there really is no need for a special occasion for a romantic walk,right? I love both the sunrise and the sunset — a walk with a partner, a friend or a family member is always wonderful for me. It’s a welcome escape from our busy, working lives! :)