Green Family Friday – October 16, 2009

We’re a fairly gender-neutral family. If the laundry needs folding, someone folds it; if the lawn needs mowed, someone mows it; if dinner needs to be cooked, someone cooks it; if a fence needs to be repaired or a paddock cleaned, someone just does it — regardless of their genetic make-up. That being said there are a few jobs that just so happen to fall on the shoulders of one or the other of us time and time again. One of those jobs is the transport of things into and out of our back shed. My husband almost always does it. In the six years we have lived here I can count on one hand the times I’ve been into that shed. Earlier today was one of them.

What I found within was — well, to be honest less packet-ratish than I expected — a bit of a material-possession-spurred journey through days gone by more than anything. A crib mattress, the rocking chair that we had used in our youngest’s room when she was an infant, a couple of outgrown bikes. There was a time when keeping the things our family had outgrown was necessary, a time when they may see another life here. That time has long been gone however, even if the shed did miss the memo.

As I contemplated our options in ridding ourselves of the things I’d found I was pleasantly pleased to find I wasn’t the only one with this topic in mind this weekend. Over at Ooooh Baby!, they’re talking recycling baby stuff too!

As a matter of fact purging and recycling seem to be a trend in the green blogosphere this weekend. Mindful Mama is handing out tips on ridding homes of the three most toxic cleaning products they all too often contain.

The Greenmom Review has an a plug out for — what looks like — an awesome product; recycled glass countertops!

And Green UPGRADER is talking Homemade Halloween (largely from salvaged materials); a holiday that it is hard to believe is only two weeks away!

What is your family doing to green your life and world this weekend? Submit your links below or leave a comment to share a tip! And as always, be sure to submit your posts to be featured next week!

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Diana Prichard is a rural-living freelance writer, wife and mother of two who loves black toenail polish, taking pictures, vintage-styled aprons, dark chocolate, tomato sandwiches, lip gloss, t-shirts, flip flops, and mason jars. Her work and life can be found on her self-titled personal blog.

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