Put That Stimulus Between Your Legs

Part of the reasoning behind economic stimuli (at least in the GWB school of thought) is that if you give people a little extra cash, they’ll run right out and buy a good or service, and that enough people doing this at once will act like a booster shot in the arm of a struggling economy. This reasoning does not, of course, take in to account that giving a family of 4 an extra $1,000 and telling them to buy a new TV doesn’t address the $10,000 of credit card debt, $500 of car repairs and $1,500 mortgage their still be facing next month.

Obama’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (still in development) will include around $275 billion in tax breaks and $550 billion for ready-to-go projects to create new jobs as fast as possible. And if you’re tingling all over thinking “what should I do with this money?” consider making a more planet-wise purchase.

Stimulus Bike is an online initiative to encourage people to use their economic stimulus to “buy a new bike, a used bike, fix up your bike, get one for your kids, or donate the money to bike advocacy groups. A bike is a cheap yet effective way to get around, especially in combination with trains and buses where available. Many Americans just made New Year’s Resolutions to be green, to lose weight, or to budget their money better, and biking is a fantastic way to do all of those.”

The SB web site is overflowing with factual, well-cited information about the upcoming stimulus, how it will be broken down, and how it should be invested. The site also has an area for individuals to sign a Pledge that they will invest at least part of their stimulus into a bike or bike related accessories, and links to other alternative transportation petitions.

Of course, a new bike is no good if you don’t plan on riding it, so let’s also pledge to welcome Spring on two wheels this year.

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One Response to Put That Stimulus Between Your Legs
  1. Heather @ SGF
    February 23, 2009 | 9:10 am

    Buying my bike (now almost 4 years ago) was the best thing I ever did. My hubby and I only have one car (which cuts out SO many expenses) and during the weekdays I get around by bike. Sure, it takes a little extra planning and vigilance, but I get my errands and my exercise done at the same time. No expensive gym membership for me! Just me and my bike!