Recycled Note Of The Week: Heartopus

I’ve been seemingly bit by the Valentine’s bug early this year, as I’m already finding myself strangely drawn toward hues of pink and red, shapes of all sizes and varieties that resemble hearts (admittedly not typically my favorite shape), or really anything that shouts “Hey! Valentine” with sugary sweet artistic lips.

It’s perhaps no surprise then, that I was smitten with this very romantic sea-dwelling shape, adorning this Heartopus card from Tofu Nutloaf’s Etsy shop:

From the seller:

Thea Heartopus is a rare freshwater cephalopod. It frequents deep, slow-moving rivers and lakes, and seems to prefer living near humans. It has been theorized that at least part of the Heartopus’s sustenance comes from human love vibes, although some scientists consider this theory bunk.

Blank A2 sized card features a block print on mulberry paper. Handmade cardstock is made from recycled junk mail, and may be different than the one pictured. The print, however, is the same. Comes with envelope.

Quirky cute AND putting junk mail to good use? It was meant to be.

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