Around The Greenosphere: Weekly Link Roundup

Here are 5 posts from elsewhere that had us thinking this week, to help start your new year off a bit greener. Happy! 2009.

Monday CNN ran an article discussing the business and potential profit (both economically and for the planet) of sustainable farming and green industry. Here’s an excerpt from the article, though the full length version is definitely worth a read:

But a complex mix of push and pull factors are making environmental business practices increasingly attractive to investors and with that, some say, providing fresh hope for a planet in trouble.

Not only are the emerging markets for alternative power booming — and corporate efficiency initiatives looking more attractive — as fossil fuel prices rise, but many companies are also increasingly aware that there are real costs associated with doing nothing.

Tuesday Miguelina posted a great list of her favorite Green Beauty Picks on BlogHer’s Beauty Hacks. Do you have some of your own? Chime in!

Wednesday No Impact Man posted a thought provoking piece on individual vs. societal pressures and goals as they relate to career profession and daily life, and how doing what we love, what makes us happiest, might be best for all parties–and all parts of our planet–involved. One of my favorite excerpts from his post:

The question becomes, if our culture facilitated following our calling instead of following the dollars, might we all find that we were a lot more content with having less stuff? Might people and the planet both benefit?

On an individual level, does that suggest that if we want to live using fewer resources but still be happy the way to do it is to pursue our passions instead of our paychecks?

Just a thought.

Because it turns out that the question “How shall we live ecologically?” may just as easily shortened to simply “How shall we live?”

Thursday Tree Hugger published a great 2008 green year in review, with highlights from myriad green sites from across the web, featuring site genres from interior design to activism.

Friday Planet Green provided a concise explanation of bioplastics and the positive and negatives surrounding them.

Also: be sure to check out 2008’s Best Green Twitter Feeds (via Switchboard), and Jetson Green’s “must follow” list to make sure your personal Twitterverse is up to date with the latest in green news and reviews for the start of 2009.

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