Green Glue

Despite being sick for three days now, I have been expending all my energy to prepare for my big event this week.

You could say I am hosting an eco-friendly cocktail party and tour of my home to educate friends and family about going green, but my mission focuses just as much on community as it does on conservation.

Once I started seeking out everything eco-friendly in the city, I couldn’t help but talk, talk, talk; you know how it is when you are excited about a new adventure. My energy overshadowed my fear that the green community was so tight that I would be an outsider looking for help. What I found was exactly the opposite.

Each destination would lead me fruitfully to another.

While at my favorite market, I connected with an organization that provides jobs to the less fortunate. When I attended their annual benefit, I met some amazing chefs and learned about green cuisine. During a visit to my favorite boutique, the owner encouraged me to join a city funded conservation program for our community. When I got involved it led me to a new city farm where my kids and I could volunteer. And like the old commercial says “and so on and so on…”

No one shut me out. Rather, everyone I met connected me to a fresh new world. And so I chose a green cocktail party to link all these groups back together for a tour highlighting what I learned from the Chicago Conservation Corps Leadership Training Program, and as a way to say thank you in my own way.

Oddly enough, when I started inviting people to the event I heard people say things that I never thought were true. Could it be that some of the eco-friendly fashionistas don’t know some of the organic foodies? How could my healer not be connected to my favorite artist? Could it be that everyone hasn’t already met like I originally suspected?

Envisioning the party this week, I have to take a breather and smile.

All of these wonderful people who helped my journey take form, moved me in meaningful directions, deepened my experience and solidified what my mission has become, and now, my ability to be a type of green glue connecting people together to enjoy the green experience.

An original 5 Minutes for Going Green post. You can follow Jen’s journey going green and raising a family as The Eco Chic Organizer.

One Response to Green Glue
  1. Mimi
    December 16, 2008 | 7:22 am

    How neat! It’s an eco-friendly mixer. I’m glad you can introduce everyone. If only I lived near you. However, I am GLAD to be warm! Happy partying!