Recycled Note Of The Week: Ecojot

This week’s Recycled Note Of The Week comes from Ecojot, a Canadian based environmentally friendly stationary line designed by Carolyn Gavin.

The paper comprising all Ecojot’s cards, notebooks, agendas, and file folders are created from 100% post-consumer recycled content, which means no new trees are ever used in their creation and printing process.

The three notebooks above came in a set I found at Powell’s, but there are many other colorful and eco-centric designs on Ecojot’s website. I liked these because they were simple and perfectly pocket or purse-sized, while also rocking three re-purposed mantras which make them not only great for list-making, but as a thoughtful and eco-friendly gift, too.

While you can’t buy directly from the site, they do have a comprehensive list of stores where their products are sold, and many of those distributors feature online stores.

2 Responses to Recycled Note Of The Week: Ecojot
  1. Marlo
    November 11, 2008 | 7:38 am

    I LOVE ecojot. In fact I have an ultra-cute pink, green, and brown striped one right in front of me – makes a great study companion. For those in Canada, I found mine at a local Chapters.

  2. Amy N.
    November 11, 2008 | 9:41 am

    oh i have one of their journals. love it! found it at a barnes and noble bookstore.