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  1. sky
    March 10, 2010

    thanks for the information, always share it for us

  2. Lee Hemming
    March 11, 2010

    Dear Amber,
    Thanks for your thoughtful review of the Nandina towels. Our online store carries them, too. After doing some research on Nandina, myself, I’d like to add that Nandina products are ├ľko-Tex certified, which tests the content of the raw materials, the processing AND the chemicals used to be sure they meet organic standards. Nandina also uses wind generators to power their looms and uses an ozone bleaching process instead of the toxic chlorine bleach. So, if your readers are wondering if Nandina is a truly a “green” company, I’d say YES! The bath towel typically costs $50 or more retail, but that’s the price of using green technology. Maybe we’ll see the cost come down as more people start to share eco-friendly values.

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